Friday, September 21, 2012

Tío, ¡qué bien!

After two days of rest after getting back from London, I was off once again. This time, I was heading to Spain for a week. Although I spent most of my time in the south, I did also get a few good days in Barcelona, further north. Here are a few pictures that, hopefully, faithfully portray the country's beauty.

La Sagrada Familia, perhaps the most representative landmark of Barcelona. Arguably Guadi's masterpiece. (Unfinished.)
Park Guell, another of Gaudi's works of art. 
A view of Barcelona from the top of Park Guell.
From Barcelona, I headed south to Malaga (again via Ryanair). This beautiful port city is the home of another good friend I got to reunite with!
This was really cool. I think it's supposed to represent the waves of the ocean. Oh, Malaga...
My friend Belen, her dog, and me near Malaga's historical center.
Sevilla, another gem of a city in the region of Andalucia. This is the cathedral.
This caught my eye. Inside the Real Alcazar in Sevilla.
Reminded me of Grand Rapids. Miss you, Grand River!
Cool bridge, right?
Granada, Spain. A look at the beautiful countryside from the Alhambra's gardens. 
Sample of the flowers found there.
My friend Natasha, who I was luckily able to meet up with in Granada!
Tasha snapped of me caressing the Arabic calligraphy on the walls of the Alhambra.
From outside the Alhambra. Granada is a wonderful city.
The Great Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba!
I was so excited to see this, and I can say with certainty that I wasn't disappointed!
On my last night in Malaga, Belen and her daughter took a walk with me seaside. It was a great ending to an unforgettable time in southern Spain. One more night in Barcelona from there ended my adventure...

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