Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Compleanno a Milano!

I spent my birthday weekend in Milan. Writing that is really weird, especially because I never expected that to be the case, even while here in Italy. In fact, I really had no intention of going to Milan before meeting my friend David (back in July in Perugia). The city seemed too industrial and cold to me. With good friends like David, though, I had a fantastic time there. Turns out it's a pretty cool place!

My good friend David! 
Atop the Cathedral of Milan (picture below).
Il quadrilatero di Milano, where all the fashion happens.
The Cathedral at night: simply beautiful. This was a great night.
The city of Como, about an hour train ride from Milan.
This beauty--I can't handle it!
A black and white shot to express serenity.
David and his brothers got me this gelato cake to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. It was fantastic, just like the entire weekend.
Their hospitality and kindness made that weekend truly great. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday away from home!