Monday, September 3, 2012


After missing the 11:00 train to Assisi this past Sunday, the day was up in the air. Luckily, we joined another group going to Foligno. Sometimes the best days aren't planned. Eccolo:

The best way to start an afternoon of walking: eating gelato. 
The sky darkens...
With my study abroad buddies, Claire and Bridget! The turtle is just a mutual friend.
There was a Renaissance festival vibe going on for sure. 
Olivier (Belgium), Isabel (Switzerland), and Serli (Turkey): 3 of the 5 people we met up with in Foligno.
Bonding over donuts, haha.
The grand finish!
Playing games!
Tommaso going for it! The object was to break the egg on the log.
Fire makes for cool pictures, when it's tame.
Buying food.
Really cool! Street performers doing their thing. One of the events included throwing daggers. No one was hurt, luckily.
Gourds everywhere.
Foligno at night. Serene and beautiful.

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