Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Firenze: la seconda volta

Florence broke the traveling dry spell.

A November morning in Perugia that resembled a zombie movie.
That morning we were off to Florence!
Raff & Claire looking like celebrities as we arrived in Florence.
Ponte Vecchio in the distance.
Claire tried her best.
Esther admiring the jewelry as we walked around the city.
Naturally, we had to take some photos in front of the Cathedral.
The Cathedral as the sun set.
Florentine streets at night.

When we returned to Perugia, the lights that had been hanging around for weeks were finally lit!
Miss you, buddy!

Friday, November 23, 2012

November in Perugia

I spent most of November in Perugia, which was new! I'm thankful I did since I was able to spend a lot more time in different locations around the city with great friends.  (I saved the traveling for the very end!)

Chris and Raff posing in front of Perugia, which was shrouded in clouds quite a bit in November!
Rain was also very common during the month. Heavy rain especially!
My friend Daniel from Brazil and I enjoy a few beers with our Belgian friend, Olivier.
On Thanksgiving Day, Claire and I headed to my friend Massimo's house for a fantastic dinner! As usual, the clouds were out that afternoon.
Massimo's son, Alessandro, and I burning calories after the Thanksgiving feast.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Giro fotografico: Perugia #2

A tour of home base through pictures: part 2!

After coming home from Munich, this was what Perugia greeted me with!
On a typical day, this is the view I get to enjoy on my way to school.
Beautiful, right?
The Minimetro! How I love it, haha.
Carnival at la Fiera dei Morti, a large market held in Pian di Massiano.
The Basilica of St. Peter. Always captivating at night.
Rocca Paolina from outside (in part).