Thursday, September 13, 2012

England: Stray Observations

I think whenever I do some international traveling here in Europe, I'll write one of these posts. You know, just to list off some things that really struck me. And we're off:

  • "Cheers" was used so many times for so many different things. What would the American equivalent be?
  • The Underground: it's fantastic! Getting around downtown London was incredibly fast and, contrary to what I originally thought, easy. It's like clockwork.
  • When it comes to busy/fascinating streets in London, Regent Street and Oxford Street stood out. 
  • The big screen at Piccadilly Circus screamed Times Square in New York. Which came first?
  • Fish & chips, fish & chips! Oh, and English breakfast. What a contrast to the coffee & pastry combination that makes up a typical Italian breakfast.
  • Bridget and I felt like listening to the Stonehenge audio guide was somewhat unnecessary. It harped on how no one knew anything about Stonehenge at all seven posts. 
  • Watching cars drive on the left side of the road was...interesting. You really have to see that first hand.
  • Urinals, right out in the street. The only other place I've seen that was in Spoleto, a month later. I completely understand the concept/reasoning behind them, I just think it might take some time to get used to it.
  • There were a lot of Italians in London. Bridget, Claire and I joked we couldn't get away from them, haha.
  • Once, on the way to Victoria Station, I saw an ad with Bear Grylls in the Underground. Made my day!


  1. Cheers is a fantastic word, and can mean thanks' or 'you're welcome', as well as the usual meaning. Would love to know an American English equivalent!
    I would have thought Picadilly Circus' ads were older than Times Square's.

    1. Yeah, I would think you're right. I really don't think we have an equivalent, unfortunately!