Monday, October 15, 2012

Roma, che non sorridi quasi mai

Having been advised October was the best month in which to visit Rome, I waited five months to take the 3-hour trip and was not disappointed! Here's a spectacular mid-October weekend in Rome through pictures:

Two of my travel buddies, my English friend Henry & Raff.
Fiat 500 in proportion to a 21-year-old Brit.
The Friday night we arrived, the sky looked amazing. 
Saturday was a rainy day, so we decided to head to the Vatican Museums. My Belgian friend Oli poses with Constantine's head. 
"No pictures," the signs said...
The Sistine Chapel in all (well, half) of its glory.
The massive Basilica of St. Peter left us speechless. Thoughts were pondered on that day.
From the outside at dusk. Beautiful.
My friends and I were lucky enough to meet up with my American friend Jackie, who teaches in Rome. She's a great hostess! It was a great way to wrap up our Saturday.
Sunday = the Colosseum & the Roman Forum!
Adele's knitted cap had to be photographed.
Oh, hello, Roman Forum!
Great picture-taking opportunity!
Roman subway grafitti!
Before leaving, the four of us each had a slice of watermelon for a euro. Friendship and watermelon, haha. I'll be back, Rome!

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