Monday, October 22, 2012

Dove mangiare è incontrarsi

The Perugian reunions didn't end in September! In October, I was lucky enough to see some of my classmates and friends from August again. Here's our weekend in Parma & Bologna (two cities renowned for their culinary traditions -- meaning we ate very well that weekend)!

Silvia (Germany), Rebekka (Germany), and Nattapol (Thailand) in Parma!
I have a fondness for pigeons. I've heard them described as flying rats, but I don't think that's completely fair and, in any case, they're always willing subjects for my photography. 
They don't usually realize what's happening until they notice the camera lens pointed right at them. 
You think about that!
There were bikes everywhere! A huge contrast to hilly Perugia. 
Sitting outside of Parma's cathedral, we noticed a little boy chasing a pigeon with his stroller. Comical, to say the least!
Buildings in Parma, a very quiet town.
Over and over again.
Parmesan (parmigiano)! I wonder why we use the French word in English, even though it is an Italian creation?
We spent Saturday night and Sunday morning in Bologna, one of my favorite cities in Italy. I didn't get many pictures, partly because I have already been and partly because there was so much going on. Here's one of the few shots I took, though: an Earth-tone painted street. 

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