Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello, Siena! I felt most like a tourist here by far. It was probably due to the camera and the backpack duo. 

Siena's Duomo, which we unfortunately weren't able to go into because of the long lines.

Il Piccolo Lord poses for a picture.

Down, down, down...


Invading people's privacy for a good shot of real Italy. Sorry!

The ubiquitous geranium.

We explored the city in a big group that day. From left to right: me, Eliot (UK), Philipp (Austria), Li (US), Jelena (Serbia), Edmund (UK), Natale (Australia), Alan (US), David (Mexico), and Eric (US).

High point, overlooking the city.

Looking good, Duomo! 

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  1. Veo muchas personas en las fotos. ¿Tienes clases con toda esta gente? O ¿Cómo conoces ellos?