Monday, July 16, 2012

Ad Arezzo, la vita è bella

Our day trip to Arezzo started off in a small amphitheater where locals were engaged in  activities, such as weaving, from medieval times.
Our lunch break. I had a pizza Diavola, which wasn't nearly as pretty to look at as the fish Belen had.

Naturally, we followed lunch up with a gelato. Personally, I had a lemon granita...which, sadly, left me disappointed. The first and only one so far.

We tried visiting Petrarch's house, but it turned out he was only born here (i.e. he never really lived here). Earlier in the day we had paid to get into a church and we weren't too convinced by the lady at the desk, so we passed.

Entering Arezzo's main plaza. The shields were a nice touch!

As the city famous for "La vita e' bella" we couldn't pass up the chance to take some pictures honoring the film. This was by far my favorite, haha!
Another shot of the interesting plaza. 

After walking down Arezzo's commercial center, we strode down this path with the rain clouds menacingly moving over us. Aside from a light sprinkle, nothing came of the dark clouds. 

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  1. I don't know what that was on the plate, but it looked delicious. Send me a doggie bag!