Monday, July 16, 2012

La città del silenzio

Welcome to Gubbio! This is the city's main square, "Piazza Grande."

Because Gubbio is a little difficult to get to without a car, we ended up getting a ride from a very nice lady at Monteripido (the place where David lives). Two Slovakian friends accompanied us. 


After riding the Funivia (a type of cable car) to the top of Gubbio, we got to see this spectacular view. Breathtaking, right?


After an hour or so at the top of the mountain, we descended once again via the Funivia! Looks like a bird cage.

Rarely does Dante get love on street names. It was refreshing to see this one, as opposed to Garibaldi, Cavour, etc. etc. 

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  1. Did you ride down the mountain in one of those bird cages?