Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pronto per il Palio!

Siena take 2! This time for the famed Palio.
The flags of each contrada.

If you try and try again... Made it into Siena's Duomo the second time around. Definitely worth it!

The most successful contrada, represented by "l'oca."
Siena from up high!

Our group, minus 1. 
The piazza had been transformed!

Messing with cameras, like always.

This horse was taken into the church to be blessed. I'm not kidding.

The winning horse, hours before the race! A horse and its boy, haha.

Alfred, my Italo-Taiwanese friend.


It was a close race between this man...
...and this girl for happiest person in Siena on that day.

Getting ready!

The flag of the contrada I was rooting for.

The fall that knocked out 6 horses.

70 seconds later, everyone celebrates a great Palio. Thanks, Siena!

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