Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alla fiorentina: Florence

Here it is, Florence! Arrived at the Duomo very quickly...

When you hear about Florence being an art city, believe it. There are statues all over the place, such as this one of Neptune.
To make up for not having the time to see the real David (within the Academy), here's a picture of a replica that has taken the original place of the real statue. 
Riding his bike right by Ponte Vecchio. 

You can see the Arno River's green water. 

Staring off into the distance...

Architecture makes for interesting pictures. 

Back at the Duomo after 3 hours of touring la Galleria degli Uffizi! There was so much to see in there, it almost felt like it would never end.
The great thing about Florence is that it's only 11 euros and 2 hours away from Perugia. Until next time!

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