Friday, December 14, 2012

La Sicilia: Piazza Armerina & la Valle dei Templi

Part 3: We hadn't planned on visiting Piazza Armerina, but when we got back to Catania's airport and found out we couldn't get a late-night bus to Taormina, we made the choice to head west instead.

Olivier enjoying Piazza Armerina at night!
Check that out!
Exploring the city at midnight.
Mosaici della Villa Romana.
These were really cool.
This may have been one of my favorites.
The next day, we ended up at the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento.
This picture and the last were only taken within about 10 minutes. That's how ridiculous the weather was that day.
For December, everything was still very green.

The rainbow was a nice touch.
Olivier and I in front of Giunone.
Sicily was, without a doubt, the best trip I took within Italy.

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