Saturday, June 30, 2012

Felice di stare lassù

The day after touring Napoli and Pompeii, we boarded a ferry at 8:15 in the morning to head toward the island of Capri, off the Sorrentine Peninsula. It took about an hour to get to the island (including stops). Aside from the scorching sun beating down on us, it was a pleasant ride. The sea breeze more than made up for the sun. Immediately after getting off of the ferry, our large group walked over to a long line of boats that toured around the island.

The night before, most of us had decided to do the tour, as well as go into Capri's famous "blue grotto." We left the harbor at about 10 in the morning and began our tour around the island. The sea breeze was really just incredible. I am not sure I can fully describe how amazing it feels! After about half an hour, we reached the entrance to the Blue Grotto. There was already a pretty big group of boats waiting to enter, though, so we had to wait. That's when the trouble started. As the waves rocked the boat back and forth, people started feeling sea sick. One of my friends couldn't hold it in and threw up off the side of the boat. Almost immediately, fish swam up and devoured her vomit! I still can't decide if that's cool or gross!

Finally, around 11:15, we were up. In order to enter the grotto, which has a very small opening, we had to get into smaller raft-sized boats that only fit four to five people. Because the sea wasn't completely tame that day, we also had to wait at the grotto opening (with our heads ducked) until the waves died down a little. It was well worth the wait and the 12.50 euros we paid, though. Once inside, the view was incredible.The guides in the boat with us started singing "Nel blu dipinto del blu" (better known as "Volare")--very appropriate! The grotto was much smaller than I had imagined, and we only went around it once before exiting. Nonetheless, it's one of those experiences you'll never forget.

Inside the Blue Grotto!

After everyone had made it back onto the larger boat, we finished going around Capri and got back to the port at 12 on the dot. From there, a group of friends and I headed to Capri's rocky beach. The sand was scorching hot! I honestly felt like I was walking on coals. I definitely should have brought my sandals with me. Lesson learned. The salty, cool sea water made me forget all about that, though. Serenity.

By 2, quite a few of us were hungry so we got out to dry off on the rocks. It wasn't until 3:30 that we actually left the beach to go find food, though. We settled for a small restaurant that didn't have very many people. We found out why soon after eating. The food wasn't all that good, and it was kind of overpriced. By the time we were done, it was 4. We had a 4:45 rendez-vous near the ferries to catch our ride back to Castellamare, the city where our hotel was, so we walked around for a while looking for shade and taking in the beauty of the island. Everything was so scenic. It's no wonder the island is so full of tourists during the summer...

After a swim in the Mediterranean, courtesy of my friend Melanie!
Fun fact about that Sunday: I had lemonade at the restaurant, a lemon "granita" a while after, and later a bit of Limoncello. During our bus ride back to Perugia, I picked up a lemon-flavored Gatorade...and during dinner I had a Sprite. I am not sure what I was thinking that day, but I was definitely in the mood for lemon-flavored drinks!

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  1. That blue grotto is super cool. I bet it helped you forget about the heat for a few minutes. I love how you can talk about fish eating vomit and end with a fun lemonade fact.